Friday, September 23, 2011

Progress So Far - SCAD

Sept 23rd.  I never expected that getting into a graduate program would require so much effort or that it would cost so much money.  The Sept 12th date came and went.  I'm still jumping through hoops.  I need to send them everything about my financial state right now.  I just hope SCAD doesn't find out about my golden goose.  NOT!  SCAD is coming to UofM soon, I will have to go talk to them face to face about their program.

Tomorrow I'm headed to Washington County Historical Society to volunteer.  I'm hoping to learn something about how people get the qualifications they need to apply for positions like archivist, curator, project developer and such.  I found no program in Minnesota for Historic Preservation although I do know that MacCalester and Hamlin have similar programs.  Those are the sources that MN Historical Society uses for their interns.  I would love to work on a project through Borealis Publishing.  That would be my ultimate goal to publish a book based on historical facts, or a fictional story based in an historically factual setting.  Working for Borealis would allow me to see a real life experience.  It would expose me to what it is really like to edit historical stories, research them, and get them published. 

I did think about taking more classes for grant management.  That seems to be a desired skill in the industry.  I took some classes through in Temucla CA.  It is sponsored by the local school district.  Cottage Grove has the best community education program that I have ever seen.  Keep up the good work Cottage Grove School District 833.

I'm working on the Archiver/McGill flower project as well.  My fingers are covered in dye ink and glue.  I'm trying to design my own petals for a pasque flower, and then using dogwood flowers as well.  I need to go view the rules again as well as document the end date for submission. 

Talk to ya later!