Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stella crochets.

This blog today is dedicated to my grandma's favorite hobby, Crochet.
I picked up crochet from my mother, and my grandmother. I can't say they taught me, but they let me watch them crochet. My grandma was a pencil crocheter where the needle goes up from the hand when you crochet. I ended up being a knife crocheter where the the needle goes down through your palm. My mother bought my sister and I a collection of books which I refer to as the "Golden Books". It was full of great explanations of the stitches. It had patterns, and colored photos. Probably the equivalent of watching You Tube videos today.
My first project ever was a huge Granny Square. Did you know that you can crochet a granny square indefinitely? I just kept going around and around. It was the 70's and it kept going "around and around" in beautiful orange and brown variegated yarn. It was very dated. Not sure what happened to that piece.
Grandma made beautiful afghans. She liked to do "Mile-a-Minute" patterns. There is great joy in completing a project. I can think of a least two afghans I still have that my Grandma made me. I have a purple and green "Mile-a-minute" that she made me maybe ten years ago. I also have a sunny yellow ripple afghan that she made me when I was in high school. Do I dare say it was the late 70's, early 80's?
The Stella Ripple afghan is a pattern I put together for my Grandma just a couple of years ago. The original ripple pattern had been passed among friends in the little town we all grew up in. It needed to be drafted to paper before the simple combination faded into the earth with all those crafty ladies.

Here is my latest pattern for a Square to hold button "chocolates".

Chocolate Box Crochet by Melinda Miller

41 chains.
Row 1: dc across.
Row 2: In second chain from hook: 2dc, fpdc, 6dcfive times, fpdc, 2dc, ch & turn.
Row 3: 2dc, bpdc, 6 dcfive times, bpdc, 2dc, ch & turn.
Row 4: repeat row 2
Row 5: working in front loop only in dc, repeat row 3.
Row 6-9: Repeat rows 2-5.
Row 10-13 Repeat rows 2-5.
Row 14-17 Repeat rows 2-5.
Row 18-21 Repeat rows 2-5. Fasten off.

Overlay with CC: In the loops remaining in row 5, 9,13,& 17 sc across. Tuck in ends.
Trim in CC with sc around. Three sc in corners.

Copyright 2010 by Melinda Miller

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